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A Celebration of Canadian Unity

Artist Mary Margaret Land

As the Community of Canada what we share and value set us apart.
This is our greatest treasure.

Next Exhibit Opening in Toronto 2019

Exhibit Reflections:


Lady Slipper
Prince Edward Island


Pitcher Plant
Newfoundland and Labrador


New Brunswick


Nova Scotia






Prairie Crocus


Prairie Lily

Gentle Strength

Wild Rose


British Columbia




Mountain Avens
Northwest Territories



Canadian Unity


Flowers of Canada: A Celebration of Canadian Unity

Over a ten-year period, I have been inspired to create a series of 14 original watercolour paintings and prose reflections that represent each Floral Emblem of the Provinces and Territories. This body of work includes one piece representing the entire country called "Canadian Unity."

These Flowers, and accompanying prose, speak to the characteristics of their particular Province or Territory: historically, culturally, geographically, and more importantly, in terms of values.

The Flowers of Canada exhibit mirrors the natural beauty of Canada and that which is found in our own hearts. As a collection, the pieces illustrate how the values we possess contribute to the beauty and oneness that is Canada

While each provincial and territorial Flower conveys its own unique character, together they represent the best of Canada. With so much unrest in the world, Canada stands as a shining light, unified by a set of humane and compassionate core values.

The touring of the Flowers of Canada to the capital cities is accomplished in the spirit of celebration of both national unity and the continuing journey of Confederation.

It is my hope that this exhibit will serve to inspire and re-energize Canadians as they reflect on these values we share as the community of Canada.

I want to thank God for the beauty, challenge, and potential of our Canada and for the love and community that strengthen it.

The Flowers of Canada are Dedicated to:

Danielle Curtis for her love, strength, determination, and vision.

To my parents Don and Kathleen Land, for their love, commitment, and strong sense of community.

Special Thanks to:

My Family:

In gratitude to my husband Grant Curtis, daughter Shannon Curtis, son-in law Malcolm Ferguson, daughter Danielle Curtis, Jeff Litt for your love, support, great patience, and encouragement all these years.

The Flowers of Canada Steering Committee:

Sandra Jeffery, Mel Gallant, Ed MacDonald, Karen Weeks, and Ted Land for their long term commitment, patience, practical support, encouragement, great advice, and willingness to journey with me and the Flowers - even when it looked like we should give up!

Thanks to:

My brother Ted Land for his unwavering support, tremendous advice and for challenging me so many ways for many years. Most of all believing this project was possible!

Maureen Land, Keven land, Brain Land and Don Land for their positive support, interest in the Flowers of Canada, and for their great advice.

Elaine Richardson from the onset in 2001 - for her gentle strength, great advice and believing that this project was important.

Michele Dorsey, Sandra, and Mel Gallant for many years of kind and practical support, gentle encouragement, advise and optimism.

Provincial Credit Union for paying my flights and accommodation for the Ottawa exhibit.

Groovy Linen in Ottawa for kindly donating the use of the table draping for the exhibit.

Laura Wadell for her wonderful and efficient assistance in preparation for the Ottawa exhibit.

Our Ottawa Friends who helped with all aspects of the Ottawa exhibit, logistics, preparation, setup and Exhibit for 4 days in Ottawa.

For their kindness,hospitality, and wonderful sense of community: Pat Malikail, Christine Power, Brad Gilmour, Dan Gilmour, Yolande and Andy Domen.

Lisa Rossiter for her wonderful support,great assistance and optimism Arlene MacLeod for prayer and positive support

  • Mr Frank Lewis (see endorsement)
  • Kevin Lewis
  • Cindy Cheverie
  • Jacinta Gallant
  • Paul Jenkins
  • Mayor Clifford Lee
  • Mayor Jim Watson ( Ottawa ) (see endorsement)
  • Raymond Carriere Communities In Bloom Founder and President (see endorsement)
  • Cate Proctor
  • Premier Wade MacLauchlan
  • Kathleen Casey MLA (see endorsement)
  • Sean Casey MP
  • Senator Dianne Griffin
  • Carolyn Bertram (see endorsement)
  • Mr Charles MacKay Clerk: Legislative Assembly of PEI
  • Marian Johnston Clerk Assistant PEI LA
  • Heather and Shaun MacIsaac
  • Art Gallery Director Kevin Rice and CEO Jessie Inman of the Confederation Centre of the Arts
  • Innovation P.E.I

Flowers of Canada Letters of Endorsement

Flowers of Canada Photos and Articles

Exhibit Details

Phase 1, 2017

1-Ottawa: Official Opening: June 27th, 7-9pm

Exhibit concluded July 1st, Canada Day at Jean Pigott Place, Ottawa City Hall.

I am most grateful to Ottawa Mayor, Jim Watson and Communities In Bloom Founder and President, Raymond Carriere for their lovely speeches and their tremendous support.

My gratitude to Master of Ceremonies, Patricia Malikail, Speaker, Christine Power Don Fraser, Ottawa Soloist, Stuart MacKinnon and Composer/ Pianist, Andrew Ager. My gratitude to Brad Gilmour , Dan Gilmour, Yolande and Andy Domen, Ted Land and all the Ottawa crew, and to Laura Waddell for helping to make the Ottawa show a success.

During the 4 day exhibit approximately 8000 people came to see the Flowers I was overwhelmed by their response. Mayor Jim Watson and the City of Ottawa staff were amazing!

2- Charlottetown, Birth Place of Confederation

Opening: December 14th, 2017  7pm

Exhibit concluded January 15th, 2018

Confederation Centre of the Arts

Phase 2 and 3 (2019-2022)

The touring exhibit will continue to the the 12 remaining Capitals beginning with Toronto (2019), Ontario and Quebec City, Quebec, following the Order of President.

A Gift to the Provinces and Territories

After each of the 14 "Flowers of Canada" exhibits, each Province and Territory will receive a premium, signed and titled, framed reproduction of their Provincial /Territorial Flower on watercolour paper. It will be an exact replica of the original ( 1 of 2 )

The prose, composite of entire collection, and plaque: saying this is given to by the "Flowers of Canada: A Celebration of Canadian Unity" project of Charlottetown, gifted in Commemoration of the Canada's 150th Anniversary.
Each Capital City will be home to this gift.

Previous Exhibits, Flowers of Canada


All 5 exhibits were well received.

1) PEI’s Legislative Assembly, Province House
Charlottetown, PEI
Exhibit opening night on July 7th 2011
160th Anniversary of Responsible Government
Exhibit continued for two weeks with approximately 5000 brochures taken.

2) Canadian Capital Cities and Organization National Conference
Exhibit at opening reception,at Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee's invitation
September 2, 2014
Delta Conference Center, Charlottetown

3) Communities in Bloom National Conference
Exhibit during opening reception, at Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee's invitation
September 17th, 2014.
Memorial Hall, Confederation Centre of the Arts

4) Nature PEI
Carriage House at Beaconsfield, Charlottetown, PEI
Invited by Senator Dianne Griffin to give a talk on Botanical Illustration
and my Flowers of Canada. ( all wildflowers)
May, 2016.

5) His Excellency Governor General, David Johnston and the Lieutenant Governors, July 2016

Exhibit and Presentation with French and English outlines with descriptions of the "Flowers of Canada" project given by His Honour Frank Lewis, the Lieutenant Governor of Prince Edward Island. The Steering Committee and myself are very grateful to His Honour Frank Lewis for presenting the "Flowers of Canada" to
His Excellency Governor General, David Johnston and the Lieutenant Governors.

What this "Canadian Unity" Painting Means to Me

Canadian Unity Painting from the Flowers of Canada Collection by Artist Mary Margaret Land

Maple Branch

Represents the Community of Canada and our Canadian Unity

Sweet Grass

The Maple branch has sweet grass growing from it representing Canada"s First Nations and the importance of their history, culture and traditions.


Along the Maple branch are 13 knots with buds. These knots represent the challenge of growth for both Canada and the provinces and territories ( as this is the hardest part of the Maple).


Represent the "potential of the Provinces and Territories joining in Sir John A MacDonald's wonderful idea of Confederation".


Emerging from the Buds are the Flowers of Canada. In the North, South, East, West positions on the circle are 4 white Flowers from those regions in Canada.

North -Mountain Avens, NWT

South- Trillium, Ont.

West- Dogwood, BC

East - Mayflower, NS.

Maple Leaf

Growing at the base of the circle is a very large Maple Leaf. It's a young, unfurling, Spring Maple - full of potential, full of life. There is a softness here, an openness to possibilities. This represents our country - who we are and what we value as the Community of Canada.

A Message from P.E.I Premier Wade

P.E.I Lady Slipper Painting by Mary Margaret Land in a Frame From the Flowers of Canada Collection
Premier Wade and Mary Margaret Land holding the Lady Slipper - Flowers of Canada Framed Painting
Permission by Premier Wade MacLauchlan and Kathleen Casey MLA

A project that has been ten years in the making, "The Flowers of Canada: A Celebration of Canadian Unity" by Charlottetown-based artist Mary Margaret Land consists of fourteen paintings that depict the provincial and territorial flowers, as well as a combined painting entitled "Canadian Unity."

For each province, Mary Margaret also chose a quality that reflects each province, as well as Canada. For Prince Edward Island's Lady's Slipper, the artist chose the quality "Connectedness".

The accompanying prose for the painting of the Lady's Slipper reads:

"This wonderful and rare orchid grows on an Island made of sandstone, and its roots run deep. Prince Edward Island’s strength comes from its people and their deep connection to one another and to their Island. It’s this very sense of connectedness that led to the first meeting of the Fathers of Confederation to discuss the formation of Canada.The Lady’s Slipper reminds us of the importance of relationships, and that a good relationship is the starting point for something great."

A Message from Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson

As Mayor of the City of Ottawa, it was indeed a distinct pleasure for me to be part of the official opening of the Flowers of Canada, A Celebration of Canadian Unity, cross-country touring exhibit in Canada’s capital on June 27th 2017.

This marvellous art exhibition of amazing watercolour paintings featuring the official floral emblems of Canada’s provinces and territories by Canadian artist Mary Margaret Land is a fitting tribute to Canada’s 150th anniversary celebrations. Mary’s exquisite artwork captures the essence of the natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes of Canada’s diverse regions, and the accompanying prose serves as an inspirational ode to Canadian unity.

Jim Watson
City of Ottawa

Photos of the Flowers of Canada Exhibit

About the Artist

Artist Mary Margaret Land Painting in her Studio
Permission by John Sylvester 

Mary Margaret has been a PEI artist for nearly 30 years.  As a painter, writer and art educator, she works to empower Canadians to believe in their own giftedness, the gifts of their country and the gift of their own potential to make a positive difference in the world.

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